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Audio / video preview: Douglas Arellanes: Matte + Gloss

DJ Douglas Arellanes je další DJ, který udělal mix jen pro nás. Tohle jeho audio/video  se jmenuje Matte. Sledujte tuto stránku pro další přírůstky!

Mixtape má dvě "strany",  "Gloss"

a "Matte"

/ DJ Douglas Arellanes is our next DJ with a special mix created exclusively for us. This is is audio/video thing called Matte. Watch this space for more!

The mixtape is two-sided,

Side A is called "Gloss" and it's here:

Side B is called "Matte" and it's here:

His page is at


Douglas Arellanes is an American who has lived in Prague since 1992. He has DJed at all kinds of Prague clubs - everything from the Bunkr to the Roxy to the Akropolis - with a mix of rare groove, Latin and Brazilian beats. He is a DJ on Radio 1 every other Saturday morning from 6 to 9 a.m. His website is at

Next broadcast on Radio 1: 25 Dec from 6 to 9 with focus on Christmas music that does not suck.

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