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Andhim: Music might the the most powerful thing in this world

German stars Andhim play Prague's Roxy in a few days (October 13). Let's ask them a few questions then!
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Your new EP is called Huso - what is a HUSO? Also, anything we ought to know about the EP?
It's just a made up word which sounds interesting. We do this from time to time for tracks for example Hausch or Tosch. We like to play with words and the sound of words. It's also a form of art you could say. 
Is it true that you met at a eating contest, or is it some kind of joke?
Well, that's one of the best kept secrets ever. Let's say it like this: we had a lot of sausages in our lifes. 
What is so beautiful about house music that it stays and still amazes people?
Music in general has a lot of power. It might the the most powerful thing in this world. It connects people, cultures, countries, generations and hearts. It can heal you but it can also destroy you. It can be a therapy and your sense in life. There's songs you will carry around for the rest of your life. So many memories are connected to music. Moments of pain and sadness and happiness and love. In House Music is mainly about positivity. You just have a good time together and celebrate life. 
I am very fond of your remix of Wine and Chocolates by Theophilus London. How did it happen and how did you approach the song?
Wow, this was 6 years ago. We loved his album and did an edit of the track just for fun. A few months later his label called us and wanted to release it. The rest is history. 
You played Roxy in March 2016, my colleague sloved it. How did you remember the show?
It was our first show after our annually Winter break and we were hungry to play again. When we arrived at the club the people went crazy. It was a sold out show and actually one of our best club shows last year. We are beyond excited to come back now. 
You play as a part of the club’s birthday celebration - what would you wish to a 25 years old club?
To run a club for 25 years is an unbelievable achievement in today's industry. So congratulations to this. You seem to do everything right. 
You played two and a half hours last year, what is your plan for this show?
We want to play at least 3h. We also would play the whole night if that's possible. Maybe this is something for our third visit!
How about Prague - was it your first time (as visitors)? Did you see our little city?
It was our first time and we had some time to see the city. It's just beautiful. Really enjoyed it. This is why we planned something really special for the day of the show. It's a little surprise for the Prague people. 


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